The South’s Best Winter Hot Spots in 2016

Destinations throughout the South are fortunate to enjoy mostly mild, moderate weather during the winter months. But for those groups seeking to hold meetings in places where they can be almost certain to escape snow, ice and freezing temperatures while also experiencing the character of their host community, certain Southern destinations stand out.

When we asked our friends on Facebook to identify their favorite winter hot spots, we received an enthusiastic response. According to Kayla Head, marketing and communications manager for Covey Communications Corp., our post on this topic reached 9,101 people, drew 1,648 reactions, comments and saves, and received 4,401 post clicks and 3,930 photo clicks. Presented below are the top vote getters, selected as this year’s best winter hot spots [in the South.

  1. 1. Victoria, Texas
  2. 2. Mobile, Alabama
  3. 3. Cajun Coast, Louisiana
  4. 4. South Padre Island, Texas
  5. 5. El Paso, Texas

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