When the Convention’s Over ’50 Best Discovery’ Provides Gastronomic Tips

LONDON – If your convention is over, you’re in a strange town and you want tips on where to have dinner or drinks, there’s a new source for that.

Whether you’re in Atlanta, Memphis or even Paris, you can find recommendations for restaurants and bars with 50 Best Discovery.

The new site was launched by 50 Best, the brand behind The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and The World’s 50 Best Bars annual ranking and awards.

For 17 years, 50 Best has been compiling rankings based on the votes of its international network of experts. Until now, 50 Best only revealed the restaurants and bars that racked up enough votes to be ranked. 50 Best Discovery now provides a deeper library for people to draw on for eating and drinking inspiration as they traverse the world.

The website allows users to search by city, town and region to find restaurants and bars wherever they may be.