Planner Industry Survey: COVID-19

Planner Industry Survey: COVID-19

We understand that this is an unprecedented time that we are living through right now and that there is a lot of uncertainty around how COVID-19 is impacting our industry now and for how long.

We want to provide whatever information and support we can to help get through these trying times. But in order to know how best to do this, we need your input.

Please take a moment to respond to this very important survey so that we can understand your needs better and so that we can share insights across our industry to benefit everyone.

We are all in this together. Our hope is that sharing your voice, your challenges, your strategies…just might be the best way to help us all get through this.

1. As a planner, if you ARE proceeding with a 2020 event as scheduled, when is the event being held?
2. If you are cancelling/postponing events, how far in advance of the event date are you doing it?
3. How are you handling cancelled events?
4. Are you offering full registration refunds?
Are you offering credits for future events?
5. How are hotels and venues dealing with cancelation fees, liquidation damages, attrition charges?
6. Are you offering refunds to attendees who don’t feel safe and want to cancel for events still scheduled?
7. Are you still planning events for later this year?
8. Are you still planning events for next year?
9. If you have cancelled an event, will you consider smaller venues in smaller locales if you can’t get a booking date at your original venue?
10. Are your events covered by cancelation insurance?
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