Visit Norfolk encourages everyone to come together

NORFOLK, Va.  – Amidst the gloomy days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Visit Norfolk is focusing on spreading a little bit of sunshine.

The organization has added a “Norfolk Together” landing page on its website, which includes a “Good News” section sharing positive stories throughout the city.

“As closings and social distancing mandates began sweeping across Virginia and the country, our goal was to be as informative as possible for our stakeholders, residents, and visitors,” said Sarah Hughes, director of marketing and communications. “We wanted to provide information to everyone that was not only helpful, but also inspirational. This is how the ‘Norfolk Together’ landing page came about.”

Hughes explained in the early stages of the pandemic, the majority of the news they were sharing was regarding businesses closing and event cancellations, and it felt “rather depressing.”

“We took a step back, put our heads together, and decided to expand ‘Norfolk Together’ to include more uplifting things like creative social distancing ideas and inspiration. We began ‘The Good News’ section which highlights the positive news stories happening in the city,” Hughes said. “We have watched individuals and businesses do incredible acts of service and knew it was important for the community to see there is still good in the world.”

To take things a step further, Visit Norfolk created a video called “When This Is All Over,” where city residents were asked to finish the sentence “When this is over…”

“This resulted in a video that showcases the raw emotion among our community and the hope we have for the good that is to come,” Hughes said.

Both the local community and those in the travel and tourism industry have reacted positively to the “Norfolk Together” initiative, she added.

“The video alone has been viewed organically more than 15,000 times and the number keeps growing as more people continue to share it,” Hughes said. “We love that it showcases our community and locals so well, and from the feedback we’ve gotten from them, they feel the same.”

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